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Various Jobs Available
Various Jobs Available
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Specializing in Industrial and Clerical Staffing

Throughout the business community, managers strive to lower costs and minimize potential liabilities in order to increase bottom line profitability. As employer liabilities increase, many employers are utilizing temporary job placement as a method, not only to avoid high cost of worker's compensation premiums, but also to avoid potential liability.

Temporary Positions : These positions normally are not going to be hired by the clients, ie: fill-in for vacations / sick leave / special projects, etc. They can consist of Short Term or LongTerm.

Short Term - Daily to short term assignments. There is a 4 hour minimum on daily assignments.

Long Term - These positions can last as long as the client needs.

Temp to Hire Positions : This is when a company has a position they want to fill permanently. This allows the company and the employee to test if the position is a fit for each party.

We Specialize in the Following Positions:

Production / Assembly
Construction Helpers / Cleanup
Forklift Operators
Machine Operators
General Laborers

Graphic Designers
Customer Service

Shipping / Receiving
Groundskeepers / Landscaping
Manual / CNC Machinists

Data Entry

Relationships Through Service

Our goal is to provide the best service possible and we take this very seriously. We fill company orders with the most qualified applicants available. We are locally owned, which gives us greater flexibility. Feedback and quick decisions are a plus with Sunbelt Staffing - no hassle or waiting for corporate office decision making.

Sunbelt Staffing is very proud of our reputation for the service we provide, and work diligently every day to improve our service to each and every client.