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Various Jobs Available
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Relationships Through Service

Thank you for considering Sunbelt Staffing for your staffing needs. The following information will better explain the benefits that we can offer your business.

It is standard procedure for Sunbelt Staffing to assume all employer costs and responsibilities of our temporaries as part of our service to you. This includes matching payroll taxes, worker's compensation, general liability coverage and unemployment costs, etc. All employees are first checked through Oklahoma public records. In addition we assume all cost for recruiting, advertising, testing, screening, and placement of applicants.

We are conveniently located at 2713 South I-35 Service Road in Oklahoma City, OK. This location has proven to be an excellent source of applicants. Our service pays current week and also delivers checks on Monday to the work site if needed. Sunbelt Staffing has a requirement of only 320 hours (8 weeks at 40 hours per week) on our payroll before you can hire them with no buyout fee. Another advantage we offer is any overtime that is worked will count towards the 320 hours.

Application Process
1. Applicants must provide identification that can prove their eligibility to work in the United States.
2. Applicants must have a working phone, cell phone or pager or a message number that they receive messages daily.
3. Applicants must have reliable transportation.
4. Sunbelt Staffing requires seven (7) years of history. This includes address, phone numbers, supervisors name,
__employment dates, and reason for leaving.
5. Applicants must explain all gaps in employment.
6. Applicants with self-employment must provide names of three references and their phone numbers to verify the type of
__work and dates.
7. Sunbelt Staffing asks if the applicant has ever been convicted of, or plead guilty to a crime other than a minor traffic violation.
8. Each applicant has public records checked in the state of Oklahoma. Other states are checked if they are available.
9. Interview notes are noted, review of application, public records check is considered, job references reviewed, any questions still
__needing answered is completed, and all identification is complete, then an applicant is ready for a job assignment.
10. Sunbelt Staffing accesses the OSCN Criminal history, Federal Bureau of Corrections, and the State Department of
__Corrections Criminal web sites.
11. Sunbelt Staffing enters all employees on the E-Verify System.

Optional Screening
1. National Criminal History checks
2. Drug testing 5 and 9-panel available.
3. Breathalyzer testing available.
4. Other states that are available for criminal background checks.

Note: The optional screening is available at an additional cost.

Throughout The Business Community...

Managers strive to lower costs and minimize potential liabilities in order to increase bottom line profitability. As employer liabilities increase, many employers are utilizing temporary job placement as a method, not only to avoid high cost of worker compensation premiums, but also to avoid potential liability.

Sunbelt Staffing is able to provide our rates due to being locally owned and operated. There are no franchise fees to be paid and we have a very low worker's compensation rate. There are two main reasons we attribute to the low worker's compensation rate. One reason is due to our requirement of seven years of history on each applicant. The other reason is the 3 lead placement specialists have been with Sunbelt Staffing for over 10 years so they have the knowledge of the business, our clients and employees.

Turnover Is Another Costly Problem...

Each new employee represents an investment of your time and money in hiring and training. Statistics show that most turnover occurs within the first ninety days of hiring. The money and time you invest in training are lost forever when a newly hired employee decides to quit and you will no doubt have to contest an unemployment claim.

Sunbelt Staffing May Well Be The Solution To Your Problems

Sunbelt Staffing pays all employment taxes, general liability, worker's compensation insurance and unemployment costs. Sunbelt Staffing pays all cost for the recruitment, advertising, testing and screening of all applicants. We can run Nation Criminal History reports and other public information sources of each applicant. Pre-employment drug screening and physicals are done for our clients upon their request.

Sunbelt Staffing is very proud of our reputation for the service we provide, and work diligently every day to improve our service to each and every client.